My local school board is trying to ban cake walks…

Are you kidding me?  You’ve already banned bake sales, selling chocolate bars as fundraisers, and now cake walks?  And why are they doing this? It’s because of - wait for it - the ever-dreaded childhood obesity rates!  *Gasp!* Because obviously letting children eat cake is going to make them all get fat and die… 

In fairness to them not really they’re now apparently saying that cake walks are okay at special events like spring flings… but only if 70% of the other food is “healthy”! COME ON.  What would you have the schools do?  Calculate the number of carrot sticks that they have to make the kids eat?  The whole thing is so ridiculous to me.  I mean, maybe if you were feeding them cake 3 meals a day, there might start to be a problem … because you know, cake doesn’t really have any nutritional value and whatnot.  But banning cake walks?  Take your bullshit elsewhere, please.

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    Thiiiiis is ridiculous. /sigh
  2. unphilosophize said: That wasn’t there intention. They just wanted more healthy food options. Or so the press release today said.
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